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F320 Starlet wetlook minidress with ring belt

  • Elastic wetlook
  • Mini dress
  • Zipper
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The Details - F320 Starlet wetlook minidress with ring belt

Product Description

  • Elastic wetlook
  • Mini dress
  • Zipper

This dress is the epitome of modern edge, designed for the confident individual who appreciates a blend of daring style and sophistication. The gleaming black powerwetlook, with its form-fitting cut, molds to the body, highlighting the silhouette with precision. A central zipper runs the length of the front, allowing for versatile styling, while additional zippers add an element of surprise and functionality. The waist is accentuated with a metal ring detail, anchoring the piece with an industrial yet fashionable statement.
This dress is not just apparel; it's an experience, offering the wearer a chance to showcase their fearless fashion sense. It's perfect for a night out, a showcase event, or any occasion where making a memorable impression is key.
Product Features:
Material: Powerwetlook - our high-quality fabric that offers a comfortable stretch
Design: Sharp lines and a fitted profile create a sleek look
Front Zipper: Full-length for adjustable depth of neckline
Extra Detailing: Additional zipper accents for a customizable fit
Accent: Prominent metal ring at the waist for a voguish flair

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