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F319 Caged wetlook catsuit with zippers and ring

  • Elastic wetlook
  • Zipper
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The Details - F319 Caged wetlook catsuit with zippers and ring

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  • Elastic wetlook
  • Zipper

The ultimate statement of bold sophistication!
This figure-hugging ensemble is meticulously designed for those who command attention without saying a word. The high-quality, stretch fabric glides over the body, providing a luxurious feel and a flawless appearance. Ingenious with its design, this catsuit boasts a dual zipper system, one discreetly nestled in the crotch and another pair gracing the breasts, allowing for versatile styling and functionality. The waist is adorned with a striking metal ring, a focal point that cinches the silhouette and adds an industrial-chic edge.
Whether it's for an avant-garde performance, a themed party, or simply a night out where the dress code calls for daring fashion, this catsuit answers the call. It’s more than just an outfit; it’s an armor of confidence, a piece that will make your customers feel unstoppable.
Material: Powerwetlook - a luxe blend of materials offering stretch and durability.
Design: A sleek, body-conforming fit with a high collar for elegance.
Zippers: Functional crotch and breast zippers for ease and style adaptability.
Accent: Eye-catching metal ring at the waist for a modern twist.

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